After all-time highs in the big equity markets and news about the longest bull market in history, the Worldvolatility have declined. The major thesis is still that the Worldvolatility will touch 4% before any major financial storm. The treasury market is very calm at this point, having a volatility of only 1/6th of its all time high sat at Dec 18th 1981.

Some readers might wonder why 4% is often mentioned here at Worldvolatility. That is because the Worldvolatility have turned up very close to 4% eight times since 1974. This have only happened in good times often before market tops.

That is an empirical fact in the post Bretton-Woods era.

On a more philosophical level the 4% might represent the minimum dynamism needed in a market economy, anything lower would be possible in a planned economy maybe, but not in a market driven capitalistic society.